25 Most Popular Kids Sewing Projects

popular kids sewing projects
We have well over 100 sewing projects on our site but here are 25 of our reader's favorites. Share your favorite project below!

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Popular Kids Sewing Projects

Sew a tote bag

bandana tote bag

Drawstring Bag

drawstring bag

Stuffed Ball

stuffed balls

No Sew Fleece Poncho

fleece poncho

Felt Organizer

felt oranizer

Sew a Pillowcase


Easy Sew Apron

pillowcase apron

Neck Pillow

neck pillow

Treasure Stick Bag

finished treasure bags

Rectangle Pillow

stuffed pillow

Baby Doll Blanket
baby doll

Bandanna Quilt

bandana quilt

Homemade Heating Pad
heating pad

Pin Cushion
red pin cushion

Cell Phone Holder

cell phone holder

Sew Bean Bags

bean bags

Fleece Hat
fleece hat

Dinner Placemat


Draft Critter

dog critter

Stuffed Animals

stuffed animals

Potpourri Pillows

potpourri pillow

Hair Scrunchy

hair scrunchy

Needle Book

needle book

Couch Caddy

couch caddy

Fleece Pillows

fleece pillows

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