Non Sewing Projects

Try any of these non sewing projects to practice using sewing scissors and cutting accurately. We've included several no sew fleece projects such as no sew fleece blanket instructions and a fleece scarf project.

No Sew Projects

Before beginning, check out the Scissor Sewing Safety here.

Sewing Materials Available

sewing scissors and thread in black and white

One important tip about sewing scissors is to only use sewing scissors on material or thread. Never cut paper or anything else with your sewing scissors. This will dull them quickly and they won't cut material well or last long.

You can submit your own non sewing projects or see others submitted projects below.

No Sew Fleece Blanket Instructions

This is a great project that doesn't involve sewing! You can make these different sizes, from a no-sew baby blanket to a no-sew adult size blanket.

You will need:
  • 2 different pieces of fleece, each 1 yard (If you'd like to make it bigger or smaller, that is okay, just keep your two pieces of fleece the same size.)
  • Sewing scissors
  • Yard stick or plastic ruler
Lay both pieces of fleece down on table one on top of the other, wrong sides together. Smooth out fleece so it lays flat. Cut a 3 inch square from each corner.

fleece corner

Using a yard stick or ruler, measure 3 inches from the edges, even with your square, and cut a fringe around the edges.

fleece fringe ends

Tie the two fringes, top and bottom, to each other in a double knot all the way around your blanket.
fleece blanket tie the ends

fleece blanket done

Fleece Pillow

Make a fleece pillow to match.

fleece pillows

No Sew Fleece Scarf

Cut an 8 inch x 60 inch rectangle from your fleece material. Cut fringe at the bottom of each end or cut a decorative edge such as a wavy look along all the edges.

make a fleece scarf

No Sew Fleece Poncho

Check out our fleece ponchos!

poncho fleece

Need a fun hand sewing project?
Felt Sewing Patterns!
felt sewing patterns

No Sew Vest Sweatshirt

Using an old sweatshirt cut a few inches off the bottom straight across and trim 1-2 inches off the sleeves.

sweatshirt project
Cut a straight line up the middle on the front of the sweatshirt. Cut a small V shape around the neck.

cut sweatshirt into a vest shirt
Cut a fringe around the bottom.
cut fringe around bottom of sweatshirt

No Sew Christmas or Other Holiday Decoration

No Sew Wreath

fabric wreath

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