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25 Sewing Projects using Fabric Scraps

Save those fabric scraps for any of these sewing projects!
fabric scrap projects

Sewing Projects with Fabric Scraps

Hair Scrunchy

hair scrunchy

Bean Bags

bean bags

Needle Book

needle book

Pin Cushion
red pin cushion

Mini Pin Cushion

pin cushion caps

Cell Phone Holder

cell phone holder

Tissue Pouch

tissue pouch

Sew a Card

sew card

Patchwork Skirt

stripe patchwork skirt


sewing bookmark

Patchwork Book

patchwork bag

Photo Album Cover

photo album cover

Hair bows

hair bows


head band

Stuffed Elephant

elephant stuffed

 Wall Hanging

wall hanging

Potpourri Pillows

potpourri pillow

Scrap Patchwork Quilt

scrap quilt

Sew an Envelope


Stuffed Kittens

stuffed kittens

Prairie Points

basket with prarie points


sewn keychains

Add Applique to a Shirt

applique shirt

Snack Baggies

snack baggie

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt
rainbow patchwork quilt

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