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Welcome to the Kids Sewing Projects Blog Page. The Kids Sewing Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Kids-Sewing-Projects.com web site. Anything new or pages that have been updated will be seen on this page.
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Newest Addition and Changes on the Site

T shirt Drawstring Bag.

Directions on turning a old t-shirt into a t shirt drawstring bag.

Continue reading "T shirt Drawstring Bag."

Patchwork Jean Skirt

Turn a pair of jeans into a patchwork jean skirt.

Continue reading "Patchwork Jean Skirt"

Cloth Basket Tray

Sew an easy and fun cloth basket tray with tied ribbon corners.

Continue reading "Cloth Basket Tray"

3 Ring Binder Cover

Dress up your notebooks with these binder cover instructions.

Continue reading "3 Ring Binder Cover"

Cloth Basket

This cloth basket project has endless possibilities to decorate and use in any room.

Continue reading "Cloth Basket"

Recycle Old Jeans

Recycle old jeans with these fun sewing projects.

Continue reading "Recycle Old Jeans"

Sewing a Wall Hanging

How to sew a quilted wall hanging, directions and pictures included in this tutorial.

Continue reading "Sewing a Wall Hanging"

Wardrobe Refashion

Recycle used clothing with these Wardrobe Refashion ideas and tutorials.

Continue reading "Wardrobe Refashion"

Couch caddy or bed caddy

Directions on how to sew a couch caddy. This project can be used as a bed caddy also. A couch caddy is a simple way to store books, pens, toys, etc.

Continue reading "Couch caddy or bed caddy"

How to Sew a Headband

5 different instructions on how to sew a headband.

Continue reading "How to Sew a Headband"

Tie Projects

Instructions on how to create some fun tie projects including a tie purse.

Continue reading "Tie Projects"

Yoga Skirt Tutorial

Learn how to make an easy Yoga Skirt with this sewing tutorial.

Continue reading "Yoga Skirt Tutorial"

Pillowcase skirt

Directions for sewing an easy skirt with these pillowcase skirt instructions.

Continue reading "Pillowcase skirt"

Pin cushion, a simple sewing project and essential for your sewing kit.

How to sew an easy pin cushion to include in your sewing kit.

Continue reading "Pin cushion, a simple sewing project and essential for your sewing kit."

Non Sewing Projects to practice using sewing scissors.

Several non sewing projects to practice with sewing scissors.

Continue reading "Non Sewing Projects to practice using sewing scissors."

Online Fabric Shops

Our favorite online fabric shops to get you started on your sewing projects.

Continue reading "Online Fabric Shops"

How to Sew Shorts

Tutorial and step by step directions with pictures on How to Sew Shorts.

Continue reading "How to Sew Shorts"

How to sew a skirt

Learn how to sew a skirt with these easy directions.

Continue reading "How to sew a skirt"

An easy kids apron they can sew themselves or with little supervision.

Sewing this easy kids apron is a quick project they will enjoy creating.

Continue reading "An easy kids apron they can sew themselves or with little supervision."

Fabric store field trip.

What to look for and study while on a fabric store field trip.

Continue reading "Fabric store field trip."

Dinner placemat, easy directions to sew.

How to sew an easy dinner placemat as well as a project with a pocket for your silverware.

Continue reading "Dinner placemat, easy directions to sew."

Beginner Sewing Patterns

Try these beginner sewing patterns for your next sewing project.

Continue reading "Beginner Sewing Patterns"

Kids sewing lessons intermediate level.

In the kids sewing lessons level 5 Intermediate level kids will continue learning about patterns and finished off their projects with fasteners, buttonholes, zippers, and more.

Continue reading "Kids sewing lessons intermediate level."

Your Sewing Project

Share your sewing project with others or pictures you've done from our projects.

Continue reading "Your Sewing Project"

Kids Sewing Machine

Help in choosing a kids sewing machine and what to look for when buying one.

Continue reading "Kids Sewing Machine"

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