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Kids Sewing Curriculum

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Newest Addition and Changes on the Site

How to Sew Pleats.

How to sew pleats and a video to help.

Continue reading "How to Sew Pleats."

Charity Sewing Projects

How to find reputable destinations for your charity sewing projects and ideas on what to sew for charity.

Continue reading "Charity Sewing Projects"

Preschool sewing activities.

Preschool Sewing Activities can help kids learn fine motor skills and start learning about sewing.

Continue reading "Preschool sewing activities."

Easy Sew Costumes

Ideas for no sew Halloween and easy sew costumes for kids.

Continue reading "Easy Sew Costumes"

Kids Beginning Sewing Projects and Lessons for Level 3

In this level 3 of beginning sewing projects, kids will learn about sewing safety and improve on their skill with sewing on a machine.

Continue reading "Kids Beginning Sewing Projects and Lessons for Level 3"

Circle Pillow Directions.

How to sew a circle pillow kids sewing project.

Continue reading "Circle Pillow Directions."

Wardrobe Refashion

Recycle used clothing with these Wardrobe Refashion ideas and tutorials.

Continue reading "Wardrobe Refashion"

Easy T Shirt Fringe Tote Bag

Practice sewing straight stich with this Easy T Shirt Fringe Tote Bag project.

Continue reading "Easy T Shirt Fringe Tote Bag"

Pillow with Trim.

What to make a decorative pillow with trim? Here are your step by step instructions with pictures.

Continue reading "Pillow with Trim."

Kids sewing projects Index

Our index of kids sewing projects covering beginner to intermediate with free sewing projects.

Continue reading "Kids sewing projects Index"

Tassel clutch bag

1.) Cut out two rectangles out of some thick black material. 2.) Sew them together inside out so that all of the stitching is covered. 3.) Press in the

Continue reading "Tassel clutch bag"

Ten Tips to Teach Kids to Sew

Ten Tips to Teach Kids to Sew

Continue reading "Ten Tips to Teach Kids to Sew"

Kids Sewing Class Directory.

Our kids sewing class directory - list your classes or sewing school in our sewing directory for kids and parents who are looking for class opportunities.

Continue reading "Kids Sewing Class Directory."

Basic Sewing Kit

How to put together a basic sewing kit in a jar.

Continue reading "Basic Sewing Kit"

Sewing Notions Store

This sewing notions store has what you need to finish off your sewing projects.

Continue reading "Sewing Notions Store"

Kids Sewing Books

Kids Sewing books provide more sewing projects and a handy sewing dictionary to aid in your learning to sew.

Continue reading "Kids Sewing Books"

Kids Sewing Supplies

We've included in our kids sewing supplies, sewing kits, sewing books, machines, sewing notions and everything kids need to learn how to sew.

Continue reading "Kids Sewing Supplies"

Kids Sewing Machine

Help in choosing a kids sewing machine and what to look for when buying one.

Continue reading "Kids Sewing Machine"

Stuffed Ball Project

Directions and pictures on sewing an easy stuffed ball.

Continue reading "Stuffed Ball Project"

Beginner Sewing Patterns

Try these beginner sewing patterns for your next sewing project.

Continue reading "Beginner Sewing Patterns"

No Sew Fleece Poncho

How to create a no sew fleece poncho.

Continue reading "No Sew Fleece Poncho"

Sew a Pocket Organizer

Sew a pocket organizer to hang for homeschool, menus, chore charts, activities, etc.

Continue reading "Sew a Pocket Organizer"

Box Shaped Basket

Cloth basket project- Step by step tutorial with photos on sewing a Box Shaped Basket.

Continue reading "Box Shaped Basket"

A simple ipod holder to sew.

Directions on how to sew a simple ipod holder.

Continue reading "A simple ipod holder to sew."

Pin cushion, a simple sewing project and essential for your sewing kit.

How to sew an easy pin cushion to include in your sewing kit.

Continue reading "Pin cushion, a simple sewing project and essential for your sewing kit."

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