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by Nour

What it should look like!!!

What it should look like!!!

How to make a 70s/80s skirt
This is the perfect costume or memory of the 70s!!!!!

What you need:
meter of fabric specifically 70s sort of print
sewing machine
paper clip

How to:
1. Start by, shaping your skirt into a trapeze sort of shape and use a pencil to sketch around one you are satisfied with the shape.
2.Then, cut you around the pencil lines.
3.Next, do the same on another price of fabric.
4. After that, sew the two pieces together in the opposite side except for the bottom and top (this is so that you can actually put it on.
5.Once you’ve done that, get your elastic and wrap it around the paper clip and start to go in and out and scrunch it, it should look like a scrunchie.
6.Finally, the hem! To do so fold the bottom part of the skirt a little bit and then fold it again and sew really near the hedge!!

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