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Learning how to sew includes a lot of parts and pieces.  Here is our help section. However, don't skip over the kids sewing lessons section all you need to learn to sew is included in those lessons, whether you're a kid or an adult!

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Sewing Materials Available

sewing a buttonSewing darts
Sewing pleats
Sew by hand
Sew a zipper
Sew buttons
Sewing curves
Sew a corner
Sew a hem
How to applique
Sew sequins
Sew a buttonhole
Sew French seams
Sew a ruffle
Elastic waistband
Sew binding
Sew ric rac
Sewing a skirt
Make a belt

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how do you top stitch? Not rated yet
What is top stitching? ~Top stitching is just a straight stitch on top of a finished edge such as the cloth dinner napkins project. Once you sew your …

How to sew throw pillows Not rated yet
Here are several projects on how to sew throw pillows. Each are unique and can be sewn easily. Rectangle Pillow Triangle Patchwork Pillow Sewing …

How to sew stuffed animals Not rated yet
To make a stuffed animal you need to start with a pattern. You can easily draw your own or trace one out of a book. You need a large basic outline. Cut …

Skirt pattern Not rated yet
I am trying to make an elastic waistband jean skirt that is A-line. I do not know what shape my two pieces of material should be (for the front and back …

whats the best kind of sewing machine for an interested 10 year old girl to learn on? Not rated yet
whats the best kind of sewing machine for an interested 10 year old girl to learn on? She is interested in being a fashion designer and I have to admit, …

how to sew stretch material Not rated yet
Just getting back to sewing and back when I was sewing, we didn't have all the stretch material. Could really use some helpful hints on sewing on this …

How to Thread a Needle Not rated yet
how do you put a piece of string into a needle? A. Grab the end of your string and carefully poke it through the eye of the needle. It may take a few …

How to measure your pattern? Not rated yet
I want to learn to sew, and everyone tells me to measure my pattern itself to make sure that it fits my measurements. So how do I do that? Answer: It …

How to sew Ric Rac? Not rated yet
Ric rac is a decorative embellishment that is added to pillowcases, skirts, pillows and whatever projects you'd like. Pin your ric rac in place on the …

How to Sew Patches? Not rated yet
What is the best way to sew patches on? To sew patches, such as boy scout or girl scouts patches, it is best to sew these by hand. Thread your needle …

How to sew French Seams Not rated yet
French Seams enclose your seams by tucking them inside your material within two seams. (see video for a visual explanation) This works best for material …

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