When I was a teenager growing up my mom taught me to sew. She was patient, but I wasn't the best student. Most of my learning came through trial and error. I learned about sewing by making something with a pattern. 

Patterns aren't always easy to use when you don't have any prior experience. I wish there had been small projects to teach me step by step what I needed to learn. I put this website together with that idea in mind.

My oldest son would ask me over and over if he could sew.  I always said,  "When you get older".  After talking with my sister, I realized he probably was old enough to learn. He was 7. I started teaching him hand sewing and as he practiced and got better, and older, I introduced the sewing machine. 

He loved the fact he could do this by himself. Some things he made looked rather questionable, but he had so much pride that he had made it himself. My sister has 4 kids and has taught each one of them. I've gotten a lot of help from her with this website as well.

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