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10 Easy Quilts for Beginners

10 of our favorite easy quilts for kids or beginners.
easy quilts

10 Easy Beginning Quilt Projects

Patchwork Quilt

scrap patchwork quilt

Denim Quilt

jean quilt

Bandanna Quilt

bandana quilt

How to Sew a Triangle Quilt

triangle quilt

Rainbow Patchwork Quilt

rainbow patchwork quilt

Frayed Edge Quilt

frayed quilt

Baby Doll Blanket

doll blanket with pillow

Striped Blanket

striped blanket

Small Pet Quilt

cat quilt done

Quilt a Rug

floor rug quilted

Quilting Help Pages

Add Prairie points to the edges

adding praire points

Add Binding to the edges

binding quilt edges

Tie the Quilt

bandana tie quilting

Teach Sewing Materials

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