How to Sew a  Rug

throw rug sewn

An easy way to decorate your room is to learn create a patchwork rug. You can change this project up by the fabric you use or the number of stripes you add to it. You can even change the size of your mat but you will have to refigure the numbers below. This project has a rug about 25x40 inches.

Sewing Materials Available

How to Create a Patchwork Rug

For this project you will need:

  • For the backing: Piece of fabric 30x 45 inches.
  • Piece of batting 25x40
If you'd like: You will need to cut each fabric strip:
3 strips in your mat 25 x14 inches
4 strips in your mat
25 x 10 inches
5 strips in your mat
25 x 8 inches

floor mat items needed

This floor rug has 5 stripes.

Start your project by pinning two stripes together in the order you'd like them. Sewing each strip together. Continue pinning and sewing until all stripes are sewn together into a rectangle.

sew stripes in floor mat

Iron your seams flat.

If you need to even your edges so it is straight all around do so now.

Now you will pin the rectangle with your stripes to the batting. Pin all over so when you sew the batting to the rectangle your batting won't move around. Flatten out your rectangle and start pinning in the middle and work to the edges.

pinned floor mat

Sew down the middle of each stripe.

sewing stripes

Lay your backing down on a table or floor right side down. Place the batting rectangle in the middle of your backing. If your backing is much larger than your rectangle you may want to trim it to 5 inches excess.

Turn the backing up about 1/2 inch and then 1/2 inch again. Pin in place. Continue this all around the edges.

floor mat pin edges

Sew around the edges pulling out pins as you go.

Display in your room! Try making one for your kitchen, front door, back door, bathroom imagine all the possibilities.

floor mat

Make a fabric bulletin board to match your sewn floor mat.

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