Striped blanket Striped blanket

Striped blanket

by Susan Hupkens
(The Netherlands)

striped blanket

striped blanket

A variation on the rainbow blanket made with my 5-year old (she did the front side, I connected the back & the filling)

1- Cut 48 pieces from different fabrics, each of 12x55cm
2- Sew 12 pieces together on the long side. Do this 4 times
3- Sew the 4 parts together
4- You now have the front side ready
5- Sew along the 4 side of a piece of 10cm wide to give a nice border
6- Place thick fiberfill on top of the right side of the fabric
7- Place the back on top of that facing right side down
8- Sew around the whole blanket, leaving 20cm open
9- Turn the blanket the right way through the hole
10- Close the gap manually
11- Sew around the edges of the blanket, just where the border touches the coloured stripes.
12- If you can like you can also sew more pattern on the blanket, making it more a quilt

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Jul 02, 2010
sooo clever
by: afnaan

wow!!!your 5year old kid is really talented.

Jan 26, 2010
Good job
by: Debbie, Editor

I love this quilt project.

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