How to Tie a Quilt

blanket how to tie

Directions on how to tie a quilt.

Using a yarn needle, thread yarn leaving excess yarn on the end (don't tie a knot at the end) measure every 4 inches and insert your needle down and back up.

Tie in a double knot. Cut excess yarn about 1-2 inch long with scissors.

tying knot in quilt

Start again 4 inches away. Some material has a design or squares that you can tie in each corner instead of measuring.

How to Hand Sew a Quilt

Use small running stitches, as small as you can make. A running stitch is just stitches in a line. You can make straight lines or any type of pattern such as hearts, circles, diamonds, etc. Use quilting thread because it is stronger.

To tie the end of your thread, tie a small knot in your thread and pull it through the top layer of your material so it catches in your batting. This is how you start hand sewing also. Cut your thread close to your material after tying.

You can finish off the sides of your quilt with a blanket binding.

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