How to Sew Blanket Binding


how to sew blanket binding
The easiest way to learn how to sew blanket binding is to use bias tape. Bias tape comes in lots of different colors and widths. You'll likely find it in the sewing section near the zippers and buttons.

To sew a blanket binding, pin bias tape all around edges placing one side of the tape on one side of the material and the other side of the bias tape on the back side of the material. Pin in place.

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How to make bias binding

binding edge of blanket

Make sure material on front and back is inside your bias tape. If your material escapes out of the binding you'll need to take the section of your seam out with a seam ripper. Repin it and sew it over again.

sewing binding

Sew all along edges along the edge of the bias tape. Take your pins out as you go and doublecheck to make sure material catches inside the tape on both sides.

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