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Here is where you can share your sewing project, give sewing instructions and share a picture of your finished project. We would love to have an interactive exchange of other kids sewing projects.
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Rules of Submission
  • You must include understandable directions with at least 200 words.
  • Entry must include at least one picture of your project.
  • Your project must not appear on other websites or link to an outside website.
Please join in and share with other sewers so they can, in turn, try your sewing project.

Readers' Free Sewing Projects

Your Kids Sewing Project

Share your kids sewing project, instructions or pictures.

Reader's Submitted Projects

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Ladybug Stuffie or Pin 
Hi, We just started a Ladybug Sewing School here in Dallas area and I thought I would share our little stuffie mascot. Need: 2 different color felt …

Sewing for Father's Day 
Here's a cute gift that you can make for your Dad. Give him his very own camera filled with photos or little notes you can write that tell him reasons …

Pillow Sleeping Bag 
My daughter loves sleeping in her tent. Now she has a great cotton sleeping bag that is comfortable, washable and cute! I saw a mat made like this …

Finger Puppet Fun 
Finger puppets never stopped being fun and making up songs for them is even more fun! If you have a younger brother or sister, try making a set for them …

Angel Hearts 
Here are 3 little angels you can sew to give Mom on Mothers Day. You can glue a magnet to the back or glue on a pin back so your Mom can wear her special …

Owl Valentine 
Materials Needed- Felt in different colors Stuffing Assorted Buttons Needle, thread and embroidery floss Sunglasses for kids Pencils or stick candy …

After School Sewing Class Projects 
Jackie and I had been discussing the fact that many kids and some parents today can't sew on buttons. So we decided to try our hand at teaching kids the …

Dog Stuffed Animal Not rated yet
Today I am going to inform you on how I created my floppy ear dog. First, I chose my fabric that I wanted to work with. Next, I traced my patterns …

Mini Sewing Caddy Not rated yet
Materials Needed 1 plastic lid from a regular size coffee can / 1 Sheet of felt for caddy Small piece of green felt for leaves / Ribbon for flower and …

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