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How to Sew a Zipper Bag

zipper bags

You will need the following to learn how to sew a zipper bag:
  • **If you'd like a smaller zipper bag, cut out interfacing and fabric 5x9 inches and use a 4 inch zipper.
  • Cut interfacing and fabric, 12x7 for a 6 inch zipper.
  • 2 pieces of 8x12 inch fabric
  • 8x12 inch interfacing
  • 7 inch zipper

Sewing Materials Available

Learning How to Make a Zipper Bag

See below for a video on sewing zippers.

Step 1 for Intermediate Lesson 3

Layer the interfacing and one 8x 12 rectangle material on top of each other so the right side is visible.

iron interfacing

Iron together. Some interfacing is fused to the material with an iron,  some has to be sewn together. Read the instructions that come with the interfacing to determine. Place the other piece of material on top of the interfacing, right side up, so you have a double sided piece of material. Pin in middle to secure together. Set aside until the next lesson, where you will learn about adding zippers.

Step 2 for Intermediate Lesson 4

Fold in half. Pin zipper to the top edge as shown in the picture. ~Note, if making different lining the zipper will go on top of the outside material.

zipper bag first side

Unzip the zipper half way. Start to sew and then move the zipper up to the top and continue sewing. Pin zipper to opposite side.

zipper bag 2nd side

Sew. Now pin sides and sew each side. Unzip zipper and turn right
side out.

zipper bag done

zipper bag

**If you'd like a smaller zipper bag cut out interfacing and fabric 5x9 inches and use a 4 inch zipper.
Cut interfacing and fabric, 12x7 for a 6 inch zipper.

zipper bags sewn

Boxed Zipper Bag

This method is great for making a larger zipper bag that has a more boxed shaped to the bottom.
You will need:
  • 2- 16x12 inch fabric rectangle one for outside, one for lining
  • 16 x12 inch rectangle of interfacing
  • 12 inch zipper
Follow the directions the same as the zipper pouch above.
Holding your zipper bag with inside out. Pinch the bottom edge and fold the opposite direction it normally lays at making a triangle.

zipper bag with boxed edge

Sew across the triangle from one edge to the other.

sewing zipper bag corner

zipper bag

Video Tutorial on Sewing a Zipper

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