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Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

A fabric covered bulletin board is super easy and a great way to decorate your room. To cover a board you will need:
bulletin board
Fabric 5 inches longer and 5 inches wider than your bulletin board
Hot glue gun

~ Warning: Working with a hot glue gun can cause burns so use with supervision or have adult do the gluing.

How to Create a Fabric Bulletin Board

bulletin board set up

Lay your material right side down flat on the floor. Place your bulletin board in the middle of your fabric.

laying out bulletin board on fabric

With your glue gun, glue edges up making sure material is tight against the board. Do the edges as you would wrap a present.

bulletin board corner glue

Continue through all edges and hang up in your room.

fabric covered bulletin board

Would you like to create a rug to match your fabric bulletin board?

floor mat

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