No Sew Fleece Poncho

no sew poncho

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Triangle Poncho

To start your no sew fleece poncho, measure and cut a 30 x 30 inch square of fleece. Fold in half to make a triangle. Fold in half again to make a smaller triangle. Measure 3 inches from the corner edge on both legs of the triangle.

triangle poncho

Cut curve.

 cut corner poncho

Lay triangle flat and make a small slit that will be the front.

triangle poncho laid out flat

Fringe edges and add beads or tie or leave fringe as is.
poncho cut fringe

triangle poncho

Square Poncho No Sew Tutorial

To make a square poncho using your 30 x 30 inch fleece square, fold in half and make a long rectangle. Measure 3 inches from top corner on both legs of the triangle. Cut curve. Cut slit in front as directed above. Fringe edges.
cut cornersquare poncho
no sew poncho

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