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How to Make Fairy Wings

How to make fairy wings

Once you learn how to make fairy wings, check out how to make an easy fairy costume. This project makes an easy Halloween costume.

You will need:
4 wire hangers
2 pair of thick tights whichever colors you choose
Stretchy cloth headbands or any embellishments

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Sewing Fairy Wings

Sewing supplies needed:

fairy wings set up

First untwist your wire hangers until they are straight.

straighten hangesr

Next, shape your hangers into oval shapes.

hanger ovals

Then twist ends together to shape into wings like below. With twist ties, tape or string bind all ends together.

fairy hangers

Cut legs off the tights, making a total of 4 legs from the tights. Stretch each leg of the tights over each oval and tie in a knot in the center.

Using cloth stretchy headbands, place in the center of the wings. These will be how you wear the wings. Stretch the headbands onto your shoulders.

fairy wings

You can embellish your wings with glitter, designs or whatever you would like.

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