How to Make a Fairy Costume

fairy costume

How to make fairy costume for Halloween or just for fun.

You will need:

  • Several different colors of sheer fabric, about 1/8-1/4 a yard of each color
  • 1/2 yard of a silky/satiny fabric

Sewing Materials Available

Fairy Costume Tutorial

First you will make a simple skirt out of the silky material. The skirt should be about 2-2 1/2 inches longer than the length desired and at least twice as long as a hip measurement. So measure to get the measurements of your skirt.

Place right sides together on your silky material and sew along edges. Hem the bottom of the skirt by turning up the edge 1/4 inch and then 1/4 inch again. Set aside while you work the next step.

Cut your sheer material into 2 inch strips the length of the satin skirt, (the length from the hem to the top.) I cut a point at the end of each strip, but you don't have to. Then zig-zag around all the edges of the strips.

After all the edges are finished, lay the pieces on top of the satin skirt the way you want them arranged. I overlapped mine, but again, you don't have to do that. I pinned them in place where I wanted them and then basted them on. I think I basted them on the very edge and about an inch in. This will help everything to stay flat.

Turn under about 1/4 inch on the top edge, then another inch. Sew close to the edge, leaving a small gap in the seam to insert elastic. Thread the elastic through with a large safety pin and sew the ends of the elastic together. Sew the opening closed and adjust the elastic through the top evenly. It will help the elastic from rolling if you sew a vertical stitch through the layers and elastic. I usually do 4, one on each seam and then in the front and back.

After we finished I embellished it with some flowers and with some matching ribbon.

~Thanks Cindy G for sharing your sewn Halloween costume!  Send in your project here.

Now learn how to make fairy wings to go with your easy fairy skirt.

farry wings

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