Cloth Dinner Napkins

sewing cloth dinner napkins

You will need the following to sew cloth dinner napkins:
  • 8 - 18 inch squares cut out of desired fabric about 2 yards
  • sewing supplies
You can create elegant or casual napkins easily by the fabric you choose. You can also sew holiday cloth napkins by using decorative holiday fabric.

Sewing Materials Available

Sewing Cloth Napkins

Place 2 squares with right sides together. Stitch around the edges leaving a 5 inch opening for turning right side out.

dinner cloth napkin opening

Turn right side out. Turn the unsewn edges in and pin. Iron edges flat. Stitch a top stitch all around the edges on each side. Continue with remaining cloth napkins. You will have a set of 4, however, if you'd like more, cut out enough material to make additional napkins.

Use these for table napkins or as bread cloths. You can also make this easy sewing project for a gift for someone by including napkin rings handmade or store bought.

dinner napkin on platebread cloth in basket

Christmas Cloth Napkins

You can try this for any holiday and with any type of decorative fabric. Use the directions above using holiday material. You can use these as dinner napkins, place in baskets and put baked goods inside, lots of great ideas with a simple cloth napkin.

Need more homemade Christmas sewing ideas.

Christmas cloth napkin

Christmas cloth napkin red

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