Cell Phone Holder

cell phone bag
To sew a cell phone holder you will need:

  • felt or fleece material, cut in a 13 x 2 1/2 inch rectangle
  • Scraps of material, trims, beads, fringe, decorative patches
  • 32 inches cord, ribbon or strap

Sewing Materials Available

Cell Phone Sewing Bag Project

For your phone holder you will fold up the bottom of your rectangle 5 inches. This will give you a flap that is 3 inches.

Before sewing together decorate the bottom 5 inches on the front and back as you'd like. You can add fringe or trim to the edges or top flap, or applique different scraps of material. Design your cell phone bag however you'd like.

cell phone strip material decorated

When done decorating fold up the bottom of your rectangle as stated above. Sew two side edges.

material sewn

Hand sew cord on each side of the holder. Make your cord strap as long or as short as you'd like. Measure on your arm where you'd like the bag to hang.

phone bag with ribbon

To finish, cut a slit on the top flap and sew a button underneath. That is all it takes to sew a purse or bag for a cell phone.

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