Draft Critter

Stuffed Critter Project for Level 1, Pre-Beginner sewing lessons. This stuffed animal is great practice at hand sewing.

draft critter kids sewing project

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Sewing Stuffed Critters

You will need:

  • Women's tights or tight knee high socks
  • Rice, wheat or beans
  • Felt, wiggle eyes or other decorative things, if desired
  • Glue 

If using tights, cut the top off to make a long straight leg. Fill the empty sock with rice or other fillers. Use a funnel for easier pouring. Gather the end of the sock together and hand sew shut.

Decide what kind of critter you are making such as a dog, snake, pig, etc. Glue on wiggle eyes or make eyes out of felt. Cut out other felt pieces to decorate however you choose. Sew pieces on by hand.

Butterfly Draft Critter
Butterfly Critter. Pre-Beginner Kids Sewing Project

dog critter
Dog Critter. Pre-Beginner Kids Sewing Project

Mouse Cat Toy

by Cindy (Maine, USA)
Another fun project similar to the draft critter above.

My daughter decided that she wanted to make a cat toy (even though we don't have a cat) So she went to work, making a little body out of green flannel that she stuffed with old scraps of material to make it more sturdy.

She folded it into the shape she wanted and then sewed it shut on the mouse's belly. Then she took a piece of cording and attached it for the tail. It's nose is a pom-pom we made from extra yarn we had on hand and the eyes are little black beads, the spots are just scraps of material.

I thought her mouse turned out really cute, especially since it was a project she started and finished completely on her own! She liked it so well that she carries it in the pocket of her backpack when she goes to school.

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