Fleece or Felt Mittens

sew your mittens
For these felt mittens you will need:
  • 4 pieces of felt or 1 yard or less of fleece material*
  • Thread and needle

Sewing Materials Available

Sewing Easy Mittens

On a cardboard paper or heavy construction paper trace a child's mitten or hand. If tracing their hand, trace a little larger than hands. Cut tracing out and use as a pattern. Lay pieces of fleece or felt down. Use your pattern and cut out mittens. You will need 4 hands.


Place two mittens together and sew along edges. Practice a straight running stitch with your stitches close together. Turn mittens inside out to hide your stitches or leave your stitch work on the outside for decoration.
mittens sewing
*You can easily make fleece mittens by using fleece material instead of felt.

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