Easy Snowman

  Two easy snowman projects using recycled materials, a tin can or a white sock.

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Creating a Snowman from a Tin Can

For this Easy Snowman project you will need:
10 ½ x 4 ½ inch clean empty aluminum can (a bigger fatter can)
* if using different size you will need to change measurements below
10 ½ x 4 ½ inch piece of white felt, white fleece or white flannel
10 ½x 6 inch piece of fleece (hat)
21 x 2 inch piece of fleece (scarf)
eyes, buttons, pompoms for face and decorations
Cover your can with your white material. Sew edges together or hot glue together.

snowman body

snowman body

To make a hat take your 10 ½ x 6 inch piece of fleece, sew edges together. Stretch over top of can. Tie with a piece of string.

snowman hat

Glue eyes, nose and buttons in place. Tie your scarf around the middle of your can. Fringe edges of your scarf.

snowman done

Sock Snowman

snowman project

Lay a sock flat and position buttons, nose and eyes where you'd like them to be. Hand sew on. Add stuffing to fill your sock. Tie the end with a knot. Fluff the opposite end of the sock where your eyes and nose are and tie a scrap of material around to form a head.

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