Wardrobe Refashion

refashion wardrobe ideas

You can recreate a whole new wardrobe simply by refashioning older, used or clothes that don't fit well.

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Ideas for Wardrobe Refashioning

Clothing is Too Big

For a garment that is too big you can sew a closer seam of an inch or two on the sides of dresses and shirts. Try on clothing and pin or measure how much you'd like to take in, making sure to leave some allowance for general movement. Sew along seams.

take in seam
Photo courtesy to KristiniaJ.

Clothing is Too Small- Shirt

Take out side seams and add side panels with strips of fabric. Cut strips as wide as you'd like for the length from the armpit to 1/2 inch beyond bottom hem. Turn bottom edge up and hem strip. Pin right sides together on one side and sew. Finish opposite side of strip and sew. Do the same on the other side of the shirt.

blue shirtblue shirt with sides

Adjust Sleeve Lengths in your Clothes

Make sleeves shorter or even a shirt sleeveless. For shorter sleeves try on and pin where desired length. Carefully align two sleeves together matching length and shoulder seams together. Trim off extra fabric leaving an 1 inch for hemming. Turn sleeve edge in and turn once more pin and sew in place.

For sleeveless, cut sleeves edge close to seam, leaving the seam intact. Depending on the material you can leave as is.

long sleeveshort sleeve

Add Darts to your Clothing

Make baggy clothes more defined by adding darts.

sewing darts

Shorten Hem

Try clothing piece on and pin where you'd like the desired length to be. Trim leaving several inches for hemming. Take off and fold up 1/2 inch and another 1/2 inch. Pin and sew.

shorten dress shorten dress hem
Photos courtesy to araicat

More Refashion Ideas

Turn a Skirt into Pants

Lay the skirt flat. Cut the skirt through the middle leaving 15-20 inches at the top. Turn skirt inside out and place two open seams together. Sew both legs together.

skirt   pants

These pants will be baggie and not fitted.

Make dress into a skirt

Cut bottom of dress off and sew an elastic waist. 

dress skirt

Make Shorts Out of a Shirt or Dress

Shorts from t-shirt- this works great for small children depending on the size of your t shirt for bigger sizes try a t shirt dress or long dress in place of the t shirt.

shirt pattern

Recycle T- shirts for Skirts

Make several T-shirts into a skirt

tshirt skirt

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Recycle Jeans into Skirts

Jean Skirt- make jeans into a skirt

jean skirt

Redesign Your Clothes

Add trim to pant legs

jeans with trim

Add lace, trim, ruffles, embroidery appliques

applique shirt

Combine two shirts into one new design:

gray shirt   blue shirt

 combination shirts
By adding a bottom edge simply by matching right sides together and sewing. Long sleeves were cut off and added a cuff to the end. Also trimmed off the hood by cutting close to the seam nothing more was needed.

Create a vest from a sweatshirt project.

no sew vest
See directions on making a vest.

An easy project that you can repurpose tshirts into bags.
tshirt fringe bag

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