Basic Sewing Supplies

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Before you get started on any projects, first collect your basic supplies. Buy a simple box, plastic container or a special basket to store your machine supplies and hand stitching supplies. Here are some ideas of basic items to stock your sewing kit.

Sewing Materials Available

Hand Sewing Supplies

  • Hand needles kit accessories
    Buy a package with several hand sewing needles.

  • Thread
    Buy several different colors to go with different projects.

  • Pin cushion
    Buy or make your own pin cushion.

  • Scissors
    Don't use scissors you would use for cutting paper. Buy a special pair of scissors and use it only for sewing projects.

Sewing Machine Supplies

  • Machine
    Once you've mastered hand sewing you will start learning to sew on the machine. I recommend getting a simple machine not a children's machine. Buy a machine that can do lots of different stitches but not too complicated.

  • Thread
    Depending on your project you will want thread to match your material. You don't have to match exactly however. Black or navy goes well on most dark fabrics and white can be used for most light materials.

  • Empty bobbins
    You will use the thread you've already bought to fill your bobbins.

  • A seam ripper
    Making mistakes is part of sewing. Even master sewers make errors and sometimes have to rip out their stitches and start over.

  • Pins
    You can use larger pins called quilting pins or normal straight pins. Sometimes I use both depending on the project.

  • Extra machine needles
    These come in a package with different sizes to be used depending on your thickness of material.

  • Straight edge ruler
    I use a quilting clear ruler to measure a lot.

  • Tape measure
    Also used to measure your material.

  • Scissors
    Don't forget your scissors from your hand sewing list above.

  • Tidy work space
    Whether it is a large table or just a corner of the table you need a place where you can cut out material and have room to sew.
sewing tip
Don't forget to read your pattern or instructions for items you will need.

Sewing Posters including a Sewing Supplies Poster available here:

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