Box Shaped Basket

This box shaped basket is a fun size for storing toys, keys, hair accessories, any odds and ends you might have lying around that need a place to call home.

cloth basket boxes

For this cloth basket you will need:

  • 2- 15x15 pieces of fabric- one for the lining one for the outside. You can have them be the same or coordinating fabric pieces
  • 15 x 15 piece of interfacing

Sewing Materials Available

Steps for Sewing a Box Shaped Basket

1. Iron your piece of interfacing to one square piece of fabric.
2. Measure a 4 1/2 inch square on each corner including the lining and the outside piece. You can use a fabric marker to mark and cut the squares out or use a rotary cutter with ruler. Whichever you are familiar with.

cutting corners

3. Fold and pin 2 side edges together. These are not on the top edges or inside pieces but the outer edges.

sewing sides

4. Sew 2 edges closed.

5. Sew the same with the lining piece.

6. Open out fabric and you'll see which sides need to be sewn in order to finish off your box. Leave the top as is. Do the same for the lining piece.

sewing into a box

7. With right sides together place lining piece inside the box. Start by pinning corners together and continue to pin two pieces together along the top edge.

sewing two pieces together

8. Sew along top edge. Leave an opening for pulling right sides out.

9. Pull right sides out through opening.

10. Turn open edge in and topstitch all along top edge.

top stitching

cloth box

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Box Basket with Bias Tape

A variation of this basket project is to use bias tape for the top lining. This will cut out the steps of lining your material together sewing, leaving an opening and pulling right sides out. This will be a little quicker.

For this type of cloth box follow directions above up to step 6.
To finish, Place lining within the outside box. Right sides should be showing on both inside and outside.
If the tops are uneven, trim to even out.
Using bias tape, place one side of the bias tape on each cut edge. Pin in place. Continue pinning the top.

using bias tape

Sew along top edge carefully removing pins as you sew.

box with bias tape
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