Advent Calendar Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

by Jensa
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

Step 1

Step 1

This advent calendar is not meant to be a Martha Stewart piece of Christmas perfection but rather a heartfelt heirloom made by yourself and kids.

It will create memories that will be triggered every December you hang it up. The pockets are big enough to stuff small inexpensive or home made toys in them and large enough for regular sized candy canes and other Christmas treats.
Have fun!

- Felt (one large piece for back, smaller pieces in a variety of colors)
- Any extra material you have around the house with a Christmas feel (plaid, red, green, gold. white)
- Beads, Buttons. Ribbon, Small bell(s)
- Any small festive decorations for the pockets (use your imagination)
- Thread: White, Red...
- Large stick or wood dowel ; I used a curtain rod!
- Long piece of ribbon or rope to tie on each end of stick and hang calendar
- Stuffing (if you want to stuff some of the pockets)

Step 1.

Cut Large piece of felt as base.
Keep in mind you will have to fit 24 squares (pockets) on to base
Allow 4" for dowel/ stick at top and space for 'Merry Christmas' lettering
I used:
-36" x 27" Base
- 4"x 4" squares for pockets (Twenty-four)

This allowed for 1" in between pockets and an extra 1" for any miscalculations

Step 2.

Fold top 2" over and sew to back
This will allow stick to fit through when finished.

Step 3.

- Make stencils of Christmas symbols (Dove, Wreath, X-mas Tree, Gingerbread man, Snow man etc..)
I used cookie cutters for some and traced some from illustrations in kids Christmas story books.

- After tracing the stencil on paper, cut it out (make sure they will fit on your 4"x4" pockets)
- Pin stencil to fabric chosen and cut out.
- Pin to pocket and hand sew or machine sew.

Step 4

-Add detail to the pockets!
-There are a lot to decorate so get the kids to do some too.
No need for perfection- the kids pockets will create memories of when they were young.
- Choose decorative beads, ribbon etc...
- This part is what makes each pocket special so take your time and enjoy.

Step 5

- Cut out felt lettering or buy fabric lettering
-Sew on to top area of base
I used different stitches for each letter (we just happen to have a machine with a huge number of
stitches to choose from).
I spelled out 'Merry Christmas' and 'Joyeuse Noel' underneath in cursive.

Step 6
- Arrange finished pockets onto base piece of felt and pin in place so that all fit evenly.
- The last 'pocket space' does not need an actual pocket as its Christmas day; its up to you...
I made an 'X' with black felt and sewed a skull button on center, adding a Santa hat made from
- Stitch them on to base. You may need to remove some of the bigger beads or anything in your
line of fire in order to sew pocket on- you can re-stitch them afterward.

Step 7
-Put stick into loop made at top of calendar
- Tie a piece of strong ribbon onto each end for hanging

Now all you have to do is fill the 24 pockets...LOL

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Jul 20, 2011
Classroom idea
by: Jensa

Thank you for posting my project 'Kids Sewing'
I just thought I would take a look at sewing ideas and there was my advent calandar- the comments were the cherry on top. Thanks all!!

Re: Classroom project- You could get all of the pockets cut out and just bring them alone into the class room with odds and ends for decoration, then have each student glue on their decorations... perhaps they could buddy up and have one pocket for each group?
I would also enlist the help of parent volunteers to come in on the day and help with any hand sewing required.
Also ask parents to donate any scraps of fabric, ribbon, pom poms etc in Christmas colours.
Have fun!

Jan 11, 2011
by: Krissy

I have longed to make an advent calendar such as this...thank you for the instructions! I love that the idea is versatile, too, in that you could also do a fall theme for Thanksgiving to use as a gratitude calendar. Love it!

Jan 09, 2011
by: Mrs J

Lovely idea, but I would be a bit wary of doing this with a classful of children. Nice for a small sewing club though! Will definitely try this out next Christmas. Well done.

Jan 06, 2011
Adds fun to Christmas!
by: Anonymous

One of the highlights of my youth was the advent calendar.

Dec 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

love the creativity. Good work!

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