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Boys like to wear wrist bands. Super simple and can be made for personal or groups ID. (as in a Team)

They need to be made of stretch type material. This can be from a worn out T shirt,a piece from Mom's scrap pile,or purchase a minimal amount of stretchy material.

press material before cutting

Measure wrist and add 1/2" to measurement.
example (7" wrist + 1/2" for seam allowance = cut at 71/2")

Decide on width, double this measurement and add 1/4" to total
example (2" wide X 2 = 4" for width + 1/4" seam = cut at 4 1/4"

Lay cut material flat.
Fold over and align the edges of the length of wrist.
Right sides together.
Sew a 1/4" seam. You will have created a tube. Turn this tube right side out.

Fold down 1/4" at one end of tube. Insert the other end 1/2" into the tube, Sew the end together.

This is now ready to wear.

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