Sew bookmark

Sew bookmark

by Pisey , 11
(Phnom penh cambodia)


You are going to sew and create your own bookmark.

Materials Needed:
-Stretchy or unstretchable cloth (15cm × 10cm)
-A needle
-Different colors of thread
-A small piece of cardboard, size about the cloth

Project time:
Minimum 1hour


1. Measure the cloth, width 4cm length 15cm with 0.3-0.5cm seam allowance.(make this for 2 pieces.)

2. Cut the cloth out into shape.

3. Measure the cardboard using the size of the cloth, then cut it out.

4. Design what you want to put on both sides, trace it using pencils and make it bolded or in style if u like.
My idea is to write I love 2 read on one side(vertical) and other side write the first letters of your name(ex: my name is Hong.R. Pisey so I wrote HRP.)

5. Stitch your name side using different kind or colors of beads.(it will look more neat if u make patterns)

6. Draw a smiley under your name and sew it too..make it cute...

7. Write using markers or stitch the word(I M and an arrow sign) at the top.

8. Stitch the other side(I love 2 read) with different colors of threads.

9. After you've done stitching all those, it's time to make the cloth thicker so that you can use it as bookmark.
- Put the cardboard in between the two pieces of cloth.
- Attach them together with a string of thread. Be careful.
(Note: if you can stitch the cardboard, you may use super glue to attach.)

10. Make sure it's straight.

11. IT"S DONE! It;s time to try to use it.

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Aug 07, 2010
great idea
by: Anonymous

and so u dont need to buy anymore. i like it, saving money! good

Aug 06, 2010
by: lily

i never see any bookmarks with beads before but i think it is nice so i wanna make one too! thanks for this great idea.!!!!!!!!

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