Placemat Travel Case

Placemat Travel Case

by Bethany
(Peculiar, Mo)

Placemat Travel Case

Placemat Travel Kit

My mom's friend brought this project back from South Tx and we enjoyed figuring out how to make one. You can use this project to carry things for traveling, baby showers, piggy bank, or anything your imagination will decide. Have fun! I have step by step pictures for anyone wanting them. Bethany

Materials: scissors, painters tape, placemat, 3” Velcro, gross grain ribbon, pins, baggies with zip lock, tape measure and embellishments such as beads or decals (optional)

Step 1

Find center of placemat – Placemat folded will look like a book.

Step 2

Arrange 3 to 4 baggies together with the bottom of baggies touching the center line of placemat. Spread each baggie apart approx 1/2” to l” depending on size of placemat and desired spacing. Be sure to leave at least 1” border from top and bottom of placemat. When you decide on the particular spacing use painters tape to tape sides of baggies to hold in place and make sewing easier. Repeat for the opposite side.

Step 3
Move taped baggies l/8th in to the left and right of center line of placemat and use narrow painter's tape to secure in place.

Step 4
Measure gross grain ribbon leaving a l to 2” tail each end for turning under at top and bottom – no exposed edges please – pin on top of tape and baggies. You will be sewing thru the ribbon, tape, baggie and placemat. Be careful to keep your seams straight. Check to make sure you have caught the baggies and trim off any painters tape that is exposed.

Step 5
Handles can be place wherever desired. Measure your width of the placemat and then divide in half. Divide this new amount in half and place a handle. We used 10 inch matching gross grain ribbon and turned under the seams. Our mat was 14” and we put the handles 3 l/4” in from edges.

Step 6
Cut 3” or desire width of Velcro and attach between handle loops. See photos below!

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Aug 20, 2012
by: Ro

Love this it is so simple I wish I thought of it nice job thanks for showing this and giving the step by step instructions, I always need this kind of thing when going out with my dog, of all things,

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