Owl Valentine

Owl Valentine

by Mary
(Palm Coast, FL USA)

makings of the owl

makings of the owl

Materials Needed-
Felt in different colors
Assorted Buttons
Needle, thread and embroidery floss
Sunglasses for kids
Pencils or stick candy

Use owl pattern and cut out all owl pieces from felt. Use different colors to make them bright and colorful. Take one body piece and layer eye pads. Lay a button on top for eye and sew it on through all layers. Repeat for other eye.

Cut 2 strips (see photo) for legs. Slide pencil in for sizing and pin legs to body.You need them to be loops tight enough to hold the pencil or candy.

Pin wings in place and then pin body pieces together. Sew all around owl but leave flat part between ears open to stuff. Stuff owl but do not over stuff. Sew opening closed.

Place glasses on owl. These type of sunglasses are very flexible. Using a long length of embroidery floss (leave at original thickness), Start in back under crossed arms of sunglasses.

Put needle through owl and come out front under nose piece. Go back in over nose piece and out the back on top of crossed arms. Pull needle off and tie floss into bow. If these are for a young child, tie only in a single bow so child can just pull to release bow and sunglasses.

If you would like to package the owls, just slip each inside a baggie. Fold a piece of cardstock for label. Decorate label and sign it from child who is giving them. Staple or tape closed at top of bag. Pattern is provided below.

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Jan 27, 2012
by: Eve

That is a colorful and cute little owl. Thanks for the instructions. :)

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