Measuring Tape Flower Pin

Measuring Tape Flower Pin

by Mary Ruthven
(Palm Coast, FL.)

A Rose By Any Name...

A Rose By Any Name...

Here is a unique gift for a person who loves to sew. It only requires a cloth or vinyl measuring tape, a small piece of green felt or material, small circle of cardboard, glue and a few running stitches.

Start by cutting a length from your measuring tape. Just remember that the longer the piece, the bigger the flower will be.I used about 3/4 of a tape. Knot the end of your thread and beginning at one end of the tape, make a running stitch about 3/4 of the way down.

Just go in and out with your needle and thread until you reach the opposite end. Make sure you do this using a long piece of thread because it has to run the entire length as the loops gather together.

Pull gently on the thread (you don't want it to break)I used clear nylon sewing thread because it is stronger and doesn't show. The tape will begin to pucker up just like ribbon candy. When it is all gathered up, knot the end.

Now you will design your flower. Just keep wrapping the tape around in circles until you have the look you like. Turn it over to the back side and put some stitches to secure each row to the other and this will keep the flower together.

Stitch or glue a button in the center of flower.
Cut a leaf shape from the felt. I put a few stitches in mine just to make it show up better.

You can also sew on some tiny beads for some nice bling! Glue it to the bottom of your flower.Now cut a small circle from cardboard and glue that to the bottom. You can cover it with felt if you choose. Depending on what you want, glue a pin back or magnet on.
Happy Sewing!

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