Ladybug Stuffie or Pin

Ladybug Stuffie or Pin

by Julie Arreguin
(Dallas, TX)

Hi, We just started a Ladybug Sewing School here in Dallas area and I thought I would share our little stuffie mascot.

2 different color felt fabrics
Classic colors: red/black
Pastel colors: pink/blue
Matching embroidery thread
Pattern pieces -- to make the Ladybug Pattern -- you can just use a round cup as a pattern for it

Cut 1 Red round piece (for front) and 1 black round piece (for back)
Make 4 spots (2 for each side) out of contrasting fabric. (Black Spots for the red one and blue spots for the pink one)

Middle body piece--cut one middle body section

Cut 2 head pieces (half moon shape) (see upload).
Cut 6 scarp pieces for legs (do not have to be even) or you may use ribbon for this. (contrast color).

Starting with the red/pink piece--place the middle body part to ladybug and sew it down the middle (leaving a little bit hanging out at bottom is fine).

Step Two--sew the ladybug spots on her (black or blue)

Step Three--sew the head together (black or blue)

Step Four--take the scrap pieces or ribbon for the legs and baste down to back piece of fabric or use some sort of fabric glue to hold it in place before sewing.

Step Five--place front and back pieces together with legs sticking out and whip stitch around it make sure to leave legs hanging out.

Step Six--leave bottom section open for stuffing.

Step Seven--Stuff your stuffie.

Step Eight--sew up opening.

Step Nine--add optional pin to back--either glue it or sew it on.

Step 10 -- enjoy your new ladybug stuffie :0)

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May 22, 2013
I tried this project and my daughter loves it!
by: Stephanie Brown

My daughter loves this ladybug. She drags it around everywhere with her. What a cute project. Thanks for sharing it.

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