Faux Knitted Scarf

Faux Knitted Scarf

by Michelle Umlauf
(Mt. Airy, Maryland)

Faux Knitted Scarf

Faux Knitted Scarf

You will amaze your friends and family with a scarf that you design from a variety of interesting yarns in your favorite colors. Be sure to look for yarn of different textures and thicknesses for a truly one-of-a-kind look. If you are using skeins of yarn, you will be sure to have plenty left over to make additional scarves for gifts.


Yarn - 5 different types in coordinating colors
and various thickness and textures
Water Soluable Stablizer
Spray bottle filled with water
Decorative Thread (optional)

Water Soluable Stabilizer is generally used in embroidery. It is either sold in a clear film or might look like a white light- weight piece of fabric. You are looking for something that is rolled up on a cardboard tube. It is either packaged in a plastic case or it may look like a roll of paper towels. It is sold at JoAnns or any other sewing store. Ask for help finding it in the store.

1. Find the end of the yarn and measure 4 foot lengths and cut.

Cut 4 strands from each of your five different yarns.

Cut two 4-5 foot piece of water soluable stabilizer.

2. Place a bed sheet on the floor.

Place one piece of stablizer on the sheet so that you can easily reach the far side.

Bring your yarn to your work area.

3. Since the water soluable stablizer melts on contact with water, lightly spritz the stabilizer with water. Hold the water bottle about 18" away from the stabilizer. Spray it enough to activate the stabilizer so that areas of it is tacky to the touch. Don't overwet the stabilizer or it will melt away.

You can practice on a scrap piece first.

4. Next, arrange your pieces of yarn on to the water soluable stabilizer. How you arrange your yarn is how your scarf will look.

5. Lastly, place the other 4-5 foot piece of water soluable stabilizer on top of the yarn and lightly spray with water. Spray enough to activate the water soluable stabilizer.

6. Let your yarn sandwich sit until it dries.

7. Once your yarn sandwich is dry, roll it up and take it to your sewing machine.

Thread your sewing machine with a thread color that is similar to your yarn colors or for a little extra zing, use decorative thread.

Put the rolled up part of your sandwich to the right of your needle.

Begin to sew about 4-5" away from the edge in rows all the way across to the other end of the sandwich, stopping 4'5" from the end.

Don't worry, your rows do not need to be straight or perfectly spaced apart. Be sure to back tack to secure the end of your stitching.

8. Once you have finished sewing, fill a clean tub or bucket up with warm water.

Let your sandwich soak until all the water stabilizer is gone.

Once the stabilizer is gone, gently remove your scarf from the water.

Lay your scarf flat to dry.

Once it is dry, knot each strand of yarn close to where you began to sew.

It is a good idea to discard your water somewhere other than the sink or tub. Do you have any outside plants that need some extra water?

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