Dog Stuffed Animal

Dog Stuffed Animal

by Rachel Medlin
(Corbin, Kentucky,USA)

This is my Floppy Ear Dog!

This is my Floppy Ear Dog!

Today I am going to inform you on how I created my floppy ear dog.

First, I chose my fabric that I wanted to work with. Next, I traced my patterns on to all of my fabric twice that way I would create both sides of it's body parts. Then, I cut out all of the traced patterns on my fabric.

After that, I sewed all of the body parts together, leaving gaps on the ends of each body part except the ears that way I could put stuffing through each and every gap and the ears would just flop around.

Once I did that I put stuffing through the gaps and moved the stuffing around by poking it with a pencil. I then sewed all of the body parts and then I sewed them all together.

I also picked out the right size of googly eyes and applied glue to the very back of the googly eyes and stuck them on the soon to be face of my almost complete floppy ear dog.

Once I stuck the eyes on the face I started to cut out a nose out of black felt and I applied glue on the back of the nose and stuck the nose on the face underneath the eyes.

The last and final thing I did to my almost complete floppy ear dog is that I cut out a red piece of felt shaped like a mouth I put glue on the mouth and glued it on the face and then I began to cut out a pink little tongue and applied glue only at the tip of the tongue that way you could move the it up and down and I glued the it underneath the mouth.

My project was finally complete, now I can't wait to sew another project!

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