Christmas wall hanging

Christmas wall hanging

by N'Tombi Royle
(Gauteng South Africa)

1. Choose a scene. I chose “Jerusalem by night”.
2. Choose different textures and colours and cottons to make up your picture
3. Cut out shapes.
4. Hem your sky layer top and bottom you can make a hole to thread sticks through so it can hang.
5. Place the hill layer on top of the sky layer pin and tack.
6. Sew zigzag on top of the hill shape.
7. Place the town scene on top of the hill layer pin and tack.
8. When sewing the town because of the square corners you must turn the corners by leaving you needle down lifting the foot and moving the material into the right position, put foot down and continue sewing.
9. Then place the gate material onto the town layer pin then place the wall layer on top of the gate layer pin and tack.
10. Again because of the corners follow the same rule as for the town layer.
11. To finish so along the side and the bottom of the hanging.
12. Add stars either fabric glue or hand sew them.
13. Your present is ready to give.

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