Autumn Sign

Autumn Sign

by Mary
(Palm Coast, FL USA)

Autumn Sign

Autumn Sign

Autumn Sign Making Scarecrow Finished Scarecrow Glove Tip Crows

Challenging yourself to create a project using only things that you already have or can be found free, such as in nature, is not only economical, but also a lot of fun.

A little sewing, cutting and gluing is all it takes to make this craft. You can hang it by wire as a sign or attach it to the front of a wreath. The things I used to make each item on my sign are only suggestions. The idea is to use things you can find in your own house. Let your imagination go and you will see the great creation you come up with!

This is a thick piece of cardboard that was used as an insert inside another box. Mine is 4" by 12". I painted it green and when dried, rubbed an Emory board (or sand paper) over the paint in areas to rough it up.

This was made from a cardboard tube that held tin foil. I cut off the length I needed, then cut that piece in half. I traced the curve and cut a bottom from cardboard which I glued on. I then painted it black and wrote the words in white.

I punched a hole on both sides and hooked a piece of wire on for the handle. I brushed on clear nail polish for a glossy look and inserted a cotton ball that I pulled apart to look like steam. Just glue it on to the sign.

The cat is a simple shape cut from black felt.Cut 2 cat bodies and sew facial features on one. Sew on 2 tiny beads for eyes. Insert a black pipe cleaner for a tail and sew body pieces together. Curl the pipe cleaner around a pencil.

This was made using jumbo craft sticks but strips of cardboard or even small branches would work fine. Paint 5 craft sticks. When dry, break one in half length wise. It's fine if they do not break straight. Glue 3 of them on the cardboard and the 2 halves glued across them. Make sure you glue them on with the tops extending above the sign. The tops are what the crows will sit on.

I cut the fingers off a black fleece winter glove in different lengths. Wings and beaks are cut from felt and white beads sewn on for eyes. I made a dot on each bead with a black marker. Put some glue on the inside of each bird and slide them on to the top of each fence post.

The center is from a dried flower that I found in a field. You can use a large button, half of a styrofoam ball, large bead or any thing else you may have on hand as a center. The petals are cut and layered using 3 different colors of felt. Each is one solid piece and they are glued together.

The moon is 2 circles of felt with a length of wire glued down the center inside the two pieces. The bat is a simple shape cut from 1 piece of black felt and glued onto the front. I curled the top of the wire to hang the spider from. Attach wire to back of sign with tape, making sure it is high enough so that it extends over the crows.

Body is a small circle cut from black felt. Cut 4 pieces of wire or pipe cleaners for legs. Run a line of glue down the center of one body circle and lay the leg wires across. Make sure they are long enough to stick out on each side. You can cut some off later if they are too long. Lay the other circle on top and sew them together. You can also glue them instead but be sure it is dried before working any further on it.

Sew on two tiny beads for eyes on top of head. Slide a small black bead on the end of each leg and made a loop to hold them. Just bend the wire to shape the legs. Sew a length of thread from top of head and hang from the moon.

Mine are pictures cut from patterned material and glued on. You can choose to draw pumpkins on paper, then cut them out and glue to sign or you can draw them directly on the cardboard.

I collected assorted dried grasses from outside. I tied them together with a strip of material and glued them to the sign.

Take 4 regular craft sticks and cut angles on the ends.Glue them side by side on a piece of cardboard. When dry, trim cardboard around sticks. Paint the sticks and write saying on with black marker. Attach an Emory board or craft stick with glue to the back. Glue other end to back of cardboard sign.

I used a woman's ankle sock and cut off the ribbing on the ankle. I then stuffed it and tied it off, leaving enough below to hang as the neck. I cut an oval from tan felt for a face that I sewed buttons on for the eyes and mouth. The nose is a small triangle cut from orange felt. Sew on all facial features to the oval and then stitch it on to the stuffed sock.

Rub blush on the cheeks with a q-tip. The hair is small bunches of unraveled twine glued to the underside of the hat. Just twist the twine in the opposite direction to unravel it.I had a small straw hat on hand which I cut in half but anything goes when making a scarecrow so use whatever you already have, such as a sock, material, piece of an old towel, etc.

The scarf is a long strip of material wrapped around the neck and tacked into place with stitches. Make slits along the bottom of the sock and it will naturally curl. I glued on acorns to the scarf and an artificial flower with a button center onto the hat. Glue the scarecrow to the sign.

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