Angel Hearts

Angel Hearts

by Mary
(Palm Coast, FL USA)

Angel Bear

Angel Bear

Angel Bear Angel Heart Angel Pocket Patterns

Here are 3 little angels you can sew to give Mom on Mothers Day. You can glue a magnet to the back or glue on a pin back so your Mom can wear her special angel.

Cut out 2 bears and 2 wings from felt. Take one bear piece and sew on two little black beads for eyes. You can stitch on a nose, like the one you see here or sew on a tiny black button. Put your bear pieces together and start to sew them together. Leave an area open and stuff your bear, then finish sewing closed. Sew your wings together and then sew on to back of bear. Tie a tiny bow from ribbon and glue on neck.

Angel Heart
I used twine for the wings and separated the strands. You can use other things also such as yarn or string. Cut out two hearts and two heads from felt. Tie your wing bundle in the center to keep it together. Then lay that between your two hearts and stitch them together. Sew two tiny black beads on to one head piece. Rub blush, pink crayon or pink paint on or cheeks. Stitch the head pieces together and sew or glue onto wings.You can add things to yours like I did, such as a heart bead and a piece of pretty lace on the heart body.

Cut out two heads, two wings and two bodies from felt. Make facial features on one head piece with markers. Sew head pieces together. Sew wings together. Insert head and wings inside body and pin. Sew all around the body. Make a small bow from ribbon and glue to neck.

If you want to tuck a note in, you can add a pocket to the front of the angel. Take the body pattern piece and cut one extra out from felt. Cut the top half off.You can sew on a little heart to this piece.

The angel in this picture has this front pouch. Write an "I love you" note on a small piece of paper and tuck it inside the pocket for Mom.

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Sep 30, 2015
by: Paul

Really amazing! It looks so pretty. I appreciate you for making such a wonderful Angel Bear.

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