Teddy Bear Outfit

Teddy Bear Outfit

by Sarah and Laura

What you will need:

* 1/2 yard green fabric

* Yellow felt

* Mini Christmas tree lights

* Green thread

* Yellow thread

* Glitter glue (optional)

* Hot glue gun

* stuffing

What to do:

1. Cut an 18 inch tall triangle with a 10 inch wide base. Take one of the triangles and cut a circle in it about half an inch bigger than your bears head. Hem the circle and the 10 inch base. then cut circles where the arms will be, than hem those as well.

2. Turn the triangles so the right side is facing in. than sew around the triangle EXCEPT for the base and the holes where the arms will be.

3. Now wrap your mini lights around the costume (I suggest you put the costume on the bear and then wrap the lights around). Now hot glue the lights in place.

4. Cut two star shapes from the yellow felt and sew together leave a hole for the stuffing after you stuff the star sew the hole shut, and sew the star on the top of the costume

5. (optional step) put glitter glue on the costume like tinsel. Enjoy your bears new outfit

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Jul 24, 2011
The cutest thing
by: Anonymous

This is sooo cute

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