Sleeping Doll

Sleeping Doll

by Anna

the finished doll!

the finished doll!

Cut out two ovals of fabric, then cut the top of each one for her body. Cut out a smaller oval for her head. Next cut out two sail boat shaped hair pieces. If you want to sew by hand then put the two body parts together (not inside-out)and sew till you have one half still left open.

If you want to sew by machine then place the fabric inside out and sew, till you have one half still open. Then if you hand sew then stuff stuffing in. If you machine sew then turn it back the right way and stuff in the stuffing. Then sew the rest together.

To start the head, do what you did before (machine=inside out, hand sew=stay the same). Sew, then stuff in stuffing. Then when you get to the hair piece you will need to cut a little triangle in one of the half's. Then place the hair piece with the triangle, on top. Then place the other one on the bottom.

Then sew onto the dolls head. After your done, you will need one or two strips of her hair color. Twist and sew only one side of the fabric. Stuff the inside and twist and sew. Then you will do that one more time if needed. After, take two strips of her body clothes and do the same thing.

After, sew the body balls on one side of the doll and sew the hairballs where ever you want on the hair. Then sew the two parts together: Body part, hair and head part. Then you can sew or draw the facials. You can add any cuteness or accessories to her hair. And enjoy!

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