Sewing for Father's Day

Sewing for Father's Day

by Mary
(Palm Coast FL USA)

Finished Camera

Finished Camera

Finished Camera Back of Camera photo on playing card photo on playing card

Here's a cute gift that you can make for your Dad. Give him his very own camera filled with photos or little notes you can write that tell him reasons why you love him! You will need a little box that has a lid.

This one is the small $1.00 box that you get 4 or 5 chocolates in. You could even make a huge one by using a shoe box. You will also need felt, double back tape, piece of ribbon and some buttons.

Put 3 strips of tape on top piece of cover.One on each end and one in the middle. Cut a piece of felt the exact size as top of box. Sew all the things that you want on this front piece of felt first before attaching it to box.

Just think what a camera looks like and cut out circles from felt and sew buttons on. When happy with how it looks, peel off the backing of the tape on the box and stick the felt piece on. Now cover a side with tape and lay felt on. Trim along the edge of box carefully with scissors. Repeat for other 3 sides.

Once you have all sides covered, stitch all seams together. On the bottom half of the box, just put tape on the bottom and cover with felt. Leave the sides alone so the box will go back inside the cover.For a strap on camera, cut a length of ribbon and glue to side of box.

Glue a button on top.For the button on top of a camera that you press to take pictures, glue a big button on top of the box, then a smaller one on top of that. Cut photos to fit inside box or try using playing cards. Just trim cards to fit in box. Pick out certain ones that you like and add a photo and saying like the ones shown here.

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Jun 08, 2012
by: Mary

Thanks Claire! Glad you liked it and hope you have fun making one also!

Jun 01, 2012
by: Clare

What a lovely idea. This could be adapted for any occassion too. Putting it on my summer holiday make list. Thanks for sharing.x

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